The Influence

We draw inspiration from the life of our beloved Laveti Siteri Maa’fu, mother of three and fondly known as Pu Laveti to most. She was an amazing crafter, a wonderful friend, a great support, confident in herself and her identity.   

“Laveti” in the Fijian language means ’to uplift, to raise, to empower’. True to her name, my grandmother empowered me (and my siblings) to feel that anything was possible. We carry her legacy and attributes with us.

Today, Laveti empowers Fijian crafters and artists to break through into the international arena.


What we do

Laveti is a Fijian-owned e-commerce platform that empowers and elevates traditional and contemporary creatives from the Fiji Islands.

Traditional Fijian crafts are hand-made by weaving, carving, printing, and pottery. These include – mats, baskets, masi (tapa), wooden carvings both functional and decorative, and clay pots. In Fiji, traditional crafting is dwindling as urbanization grows, technology distracts, and emphasis is placed on white or blue collar jobs as a means of stable employment. By promoting our traditional crafts and artistry we intend on reviving these essential skills especially amongst our youths. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Fijians who have lost their employment are returning to the land, taking up agriculture as a means of earning an income. Why not also, return to the arts of learning and producing our distinctive traditional crafts?!t

At Laveti, we work closely with our vendors to create unique Fijian products for your special events or for home décor. We bring you a feel of “Bula!” wherever you are in the world.

By connecting Fijian creatives to the global market, we enable world-wide recognition for local talents, and social and economic growth for our people.


Our Vision

We are a leader in supplying uncompromising, authentic Fijian craft and artistry to the global market.


Our Values

Grounded We remember and honour our origins. We are deeply rooted in our rich cultural heritage and we are proud to represent where we come from.

Courage We take moral courage and we en-courage others to be their truest self. We believe that self-mastery - confident in our identity and our values - is key to taking on challenges with a positive mindset.

Resilience We accept challenges, we learn, we press forward. We understand that obstacles are but a learning opportunity, progressing our efforts in the right direction.

Gracious We are guided by humility and kindness in all that we do. We build trusting, genuine relationships through our culture of appreciation and inclusivity.


Our Mission

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world where a real sense of ‘self’ is diluted by foreign influence, we are committed to maintaining and making available, a part of your cultural heritage.

We consider it an absolute privilege, to celebrate with you, whether it be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a house-warming, through our unique, quality-assured, Fijian-made pieces of craft and artistry.

We empower our creative youths to meet the contemporary trends of NOW, whilst staying true to the traditions of our elders.

We build a strong foundation of trust with our vendors and maintain an environment where our team feel inspired and valued.


Our Products

“Salusalu” - Garland or Lei

The Salusalu is a traditional Fijian necklace intricately woven together by unique pieces of Vau made from the dried bark of a wild hibiscus plant. Traditionally it’s vibrance is enhanced by the use of scented flowers significant to the regions they represent. Contemporary salusalu’s are also made simply with woven flowers made from Vau, used both in its natural colour or died various colours upon request by customers. The Salusalu is a symbol of love and celebration presented to and adorned by the wearer at a variety of special occasions such as weddings – for the bride and groom – birthdays, graduation service, to formally welcome visitors, celebrate milestones and to honour the passing of a loved one. Salusalu’s are also made to distinguish formal occasions from informal or casual events.

Success is enabled by achieving little milestones. Let us help you celebrate those important milestones with a Laveti Salusalu custom made for you. 

"Masi" - Tapa

The Masi is a bark cloth made from the Paper Mulberry Tree and is decorated with unique Fijian prints. It was traditionally used to make attire for Fijian Chief’s only or those of chiefly descent. Its contemporary use today includes, attire for the bride and groom and their entourage, birthdays, dance costumes, souvenirs and decorative pieces.

“Ibe” - Mat

The Ibe is a grass mat made from dried, woven pandanus leaves. There are several types of mats and each serves its own purpose from simple floor coverings to ‘na i dabedabe” or a special seat for special occasions such as engagements, weddings, birthdays and funerals. Special mats are also presented as gifts and is usually a sign of wealth in the Fijian culture. Contemporary artisans now weave mats for decorative purposes from table placements to wall hangings.

"Iri Vakaviti" – Hand Fan

The Iri Vakaviti is made from woven pandanus leaves. It comes in different forms and sizes which serve different purposes both functional and decorative. The Iri Vakaviti we offer is a traditional hand fan which can be custom made to suit your style and needs from personal use to accessories or gifts for special occasions.


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